The climate changes and the impact of intensive cultivations dictate a change of paradygm in agriculture (and not only). It’s from here that in 2012 we started, rethinking earth, moving close to it again, take care of it, planting trees: it might look insane but we have already planted more than 5000 of them  and we don’t want to stop, the new habitat that was born gives us the strength to carry on. The salvaged biodiversity, butterflies, bees, woodpeckers, jays, hares and pheasants accompany us in our work.

We would like to to do like Jean Giono in the story “The man who planted trees” (1953) and like the mouse in the fable by Gramsci   “The mouse and the countryside”, and reinforce the antique promise to protect our world and its beauty.

2011 "the first", conventional intensive crops, use of pesticides and fertilizers, no trees, no biodiversity, hydraulic degradation of land, no income; Begins the idea of a pilot project of environmental requalification.
2013 the land is low ........
....... but the look is high

“To make yourself confortable means to surrender.”

Bruce Springsteen


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