“The farmer that seeds does the greatest act of faith. The earth rewards or condemns like an inflexible judge that does never reveal the reasons of his judgements. And you really need to believe in the future to entrust a fragile seed to the forces of wind, water and sun.”
(Fabrizio Caramagna)


The farm was born in 2012 from a pilot project of “redevelopment and environmental sustainability” in an area of six ha (60.000 square meters) located between the cities of Venice and Martellago. Since its foundation, the farm’s goal is the production of products that are exclusively organic, and since 2016 they are certified.

The crops implemented assimilate themselves in the biodiversity that generates the new habitat.

The soil has been gradually enriched with organic substances trough the techniques called “bulatura”, “sovescio”and then sowing seeds on compacted soil, and prearranged for the change of productive course to support the organic one. The farm planning has especially established, following a project that asks necessarily for a multi-year developement, the cultivation of fodders, vegetables, flowers, aromatic herbs with part of the ground destined to the vineyard and the nursery.
The hand-raised groves, buffer zones, horbeam grove, vegetable garden and vineyard guarantee the uniqueness of quality of the final products, becoming an added value.

Organic agriculture doesn’t only represent a way to cultivate the land for us, but a different attitude to take care of it, giving back poetry to life.

“We are in need of farmers, of poets,
of people that know how to bake bread,
that love the trees and know the wind.”
(Franco Arminio)

2019 organic sunflower
summer 2019 organic sunflower
2019_ the harvesting of organic sunflower seeds
IMG_2519 2
2015_ alfalfa bio
paglia habitat
2015_ the bales of hay
2019_ the flowering
2014_ organic wheat
2014_ the wheat ears


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