The rooms
The lodging on the ground floor (4+1 beds), is made of a unique big space of 46 square meters which opens itself to the countryside on three directions, with big glass windows, and some service spaces for the bathroom on the north side of the building

The lodging on the first floor (4+1 beds), can be reached through a free-standing stair, eventually intercommunicating with the ground floor lodging in case of a complete use of the building. The lodging on the first floor is made of three rooms. A first room, which can also be used as a living room, with 2+1 beds, a second panoramic room with two beds, and an ample bathroom. The views of this lodging are abundant and open themselves to the countryside on three sides, with big glass windows.

The building is composed by two lodgings, one on the ground floor with 4+1 beds and one on the first floor with 4+1 beds. Being a single artifact isolated in nature, it has been decided that the two lodgings can never be used simultaneously, unless a guest occupies the whole building.

So either the ground floor accommodation or the first floor accommodation will be used. This is to give maximal privacy and tranquility during the stay.

The building has been intentionally placed in an isolated position, immersed in an agricultural fund of 6 ha (60.000 mq). You are immersed in nature, agriculture, tranquility, while being very close to Venice. Far from traffic, but about 20 minutes from the heart of Venice. Only 19 Km from the historic center.

eco cabin "the luxury of nature"
immersed in an agricultural fund of 6 ha (60.000 mq).
The lodging on the ground floor
a single environment entirely in wood
eco cabin is a passive zero emission building
nature enters the home, between biordiversity and organic products
"amelia" our exclusive reserve of Organic Doc Extra Dry Prosecco
the organic fruits of the garden and the orchard a few steps
the scents of wood and flowers
lavender soap
the accommodation on the first floor
the entire building is wooden, passive zero emissions
regeneration..... from nature, in nature, with nature
breakfast outdoors


Via Olmo, 7
P.iva 03364550271
REA: VE – 367706

Organic farm
Farmhouse accommodation
Educational farm
Rural tourism

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