In Latin language the word means “he lives”. In biology, the habitat encloses the set of environmental conditions necessary for the survival of the species, it shows “the place” where a species can live and reproduce itself, ensuring quality of life.

It is the number of trees and bushes planted in 2013/14 as first productive company action. Now there are more than 5000 plants raised, including oaks, hornbeams, walnut trees, elms and other native shrub-like specimens. Together they are making a marvellous new habitat, between groves, rural hedges, buffer zones, vineyards, orchards and biologic cultivations.

Therefore Habitat 3650 is our place, the place we want to tend and take care of for the future of our offspring and the Earth.

It is a new model of sustainable development, which originates from anenvironmental redevelopment pilot project, based on interdisciplinarity as instrument of research and innovation.


Rural tourism represents itself by its own nature as an inter-disciplinary connection element with the organic farm.

The chance to be involved in the visit of big monuments close by, like Venice, Treviso, Padova, the Brenta Riviera with the Venetian Villas, the Asolan hills and Canova, Bassano del Grappa and many more, represents in its inter-disciplinarity an opportunity offered by the uniqueness of our area, through new, different paths where the study and research activities connect nature, environment, art, history, literature, food and wine.

Rural tourism offers a unique point of of view, of “approach”, of connection, a new and different way to get in contact with history, art, architecture but at the same time with nature and earth, elements from which everything originates.

Rural tourism becomes an occasion to experience unique moments, to catch new points of view, overlooks on our land that would not be otherwise possible through the usual and conventional tourist routes.

Arriving in Venice through nature, history, its true habitat. Find out new paths to experience an unique and complete experience, where the senses can be satisfied at 360 degrees. Where the word “taste” can be associated with food, art, architecture, history, landscape but also the style to do things the right way, in a sustainable, curious and fun manner.

To do environmental awareness activities, in synergy with the educational events. Moments of immersion where guests will live in close contact with the rural reality, catching its benefits. In the vineyard at the first light of dawn or at sunset, the harvest of small fruits and natural herbs to feel part of nature. Everything in full sharing with the owners in a jolly and natural atmosphere.

The guests will have the opportunity to visit the organic and biodynamic farm and to live an experience of regeneration of the territory and social relations at the base of agriculture-culture. The owner and his family will accompany guests on a nature walk in the woods, along the country hedges, in the small orchard, in the garden and in the vineyard, telling the experience of the recovery of the original and typical ecosystems of the Venetian countryside and the renaturalization of the area. Short stops in the meadows and clearings of a grove to deepen the essences used and their use for the realization of farm products such as jams, preserves, syrups, dried fruit or herbs. For the promotion and sale of the same are also provided for unassisted administration and without consideration. In the company and in the outdoor spaces will also be organized other cultural and recreational activities such as presentation or reading of themed books, musical evenings, courses, events, creative workshops or cultural meetings in tune with the corporate concept.


Organic agriculture doesn’t only represent a way to cultivate the land for us, but a different attitude to take care of it, giving back poetry to life.

From here, our activities and services we offer take shape.

Habitat 3650 originates from an environmental redevelopment pilot project, based on interdisciplinarity as instrument of research and innovation.

The hospitality, the rural tourism, the educational farm become the instruments that allow to put these ideas into service.

The implemented crops complement each other in the biodiversity that generates the new habitat. The hand-raised groves, buffer zones, horbeam grove, vegetable garden and vineyard guarantee the uniqueness of quality of the final products, becoming a benefit to the proposed activities.

The farm was born in 2012 from a pilot project of “redevelopment and environmental sustainability” by the architects Endrius Rocco and Pamela Colorio, owners of the company, in an area of six ha (60.000 square meters) located between the cities of Venice and Martellago

After many years of working experience in the architectural and design fields between Venice, Milano and Torino, Endrius and Pamela felt the urge to “go back to the earth”, to start a new activity in the primary sector, to make the experiences done in family, in life and in work bear fruit with a new activity where research, development and interdisciplinarity are premises for a new working approach.

To requalify the environment means to allow a sustainable development, to make the organic agricultural-productive function live harmonically together with the genuinity of the locations, art, design, architecture and culture.

The organic productive purpose symbolizes not only a way to cultivate the ground, but also a different attitude in taking care of it.

The crops implemented assimilate themselves in the biodiversity that generates the new habitat.

In 2015 the farm wins a cash prize by the Venice Chamber of Commerce during the EXPO competiton, for its sustainability and habitat requalification project. Through this it has been given birth to the creation of a first wooden artifact, inert and with zero emissions, which symbolizes, inside of the project itself and its structure, the company spirit, becoming an integrated element, multi-functional to the farm activities, sort of a lab-study of the carried out activities.

In the same year, the environmental redevelopment and sustainability pilot project has been pointed out in the “Places and Stories” route for “Venice to Expo” and is subject matter of research in some degree courses in the Politecnico of Milan.

Starting in 2019 the farm opened its project and its story to didactics and tourism hospitality.


Hospitality in Habitat 3650 is hospitality in the luxury of nature, in a genuine environment, lost in thousands of square meters of biodiversity.

ECO CABIN (missedlandthroughdreams)

Guests of Habitat 3650 “ECO CABIN” will be able to dive in the green of nature, to enjoy the benefits for their health.

Far from traffic, but about 20 minutes from the heart of Venice. Only 19 km from the inner city, in an area of 60000 square meters between the cities of Venice and Martellago.

Hospitality becomes an unique experience, synergical with the habitat and biodiversity which is developing in Habitat 3650, paradoxically enriched by the contrast offered by the heartbeat-away historical city of Venice and the countless and charming cultural offers of our area, made however more and more chaotic and “neurotic” by the consumer use of modern tourism.

The guests of Habitat 3650 can easily visit in the same day the historical center of Venice because the structure is only 20 minutes apart from the historical city of Venice and cultural locations as Treviso and Padova, the Riviera Villas of Palladio, Canova, Bassano del Grappa etc…, but at the same time relax in the stillness of countryside and nature.

The Eco Cabin accommodations are located in a passive building with zero emissions, completely built in larch and spruce wood, which symbolizes the company’s philosophy itself.

The structure has been realized in 2015, it is surrounded by a plot of farming land of six ha (60.000 square meters) near a grove of 2000 square meters. It follows the principles of bio-architecture and biophilia. The shape and positioning of the spaces are thought for the maximal exploitation of sun energy and to offer a panoramic view of 180 degrees on the surrounding countryside.

The amber-scented perfumes of wood and the warmth of the atmosphere, a good infusion of lemon balm or mint, will help you to abandon stress and find wellness and harmony again. A naturalistic stroll or a moment of relax inside them, getting in tune with aromas, sounds and colors, will donate psychophysical benefits making out guests end up again with good mood and most importantly with new energies.

THE MILLSTONE(the house in the woods)

The guests of Habitat 3650 “ECO CABIN” can immerse themselves in the green of nature, to enjoy the benefits for their health.

The Millstone, an old mill, now immersed in 2ha (20.000 square meters) of private wood in the venetian Pre-Alps, spurs of the Grappa range.

We are at about 800-mt height above sea level, between the municipalities of Belluno and Treviso, by the small town of Monfenerea, which offers a panoramic view of 360 degrees over the Feltrine peaks, but also on the Venetian plain, on Venice, on the Asolane and Prosecco hills (UNESCO heritage) and on the Piave river.

The view is certainly not the only suggestive element of this singular place, here you can walk in the “sheltered walkways” and “trenches” which show the events of the Great war. Right here under the peak, 1 minute from the residence, the trenches of Doc are located, and from there a path that leads to the Mandria peak starts, passing by the trenches of Castel Cesil and the Monte Palon.

With time, it has become an ideal place also for naturalistic strolls, field trips, trekking, nordic walking, cycle tourism, mountain bike, hang-gliding and paragliding.

The building is made of two floors, the ground floor made of local rock and the first floor in bricks with a wooden roof, a “larin” (traditional fireplace) and panoramic balcony on the Grappa and the Feltrine peaks.

The accommodation, for 6/8 beds, 2 restrooms, a cooking zone, a dining room and and a big space to be used as living room with double height is furnished and supplied with everything needed for the stay.

“Guests can also practice Shirin-Yoku, which means “forest bathing”, an ancient japanese discipline to cultivate happiness and live longer. It has to do with “breathe in the atmosphere of the woods” to gain psychophysical benefits. Today it is an officially recognized method in Japan to prevent illnesses and to promote their cure. The Shirin-Yoku is, actually subsidized by the Japanese health care system. It has scientifically proven that this kind of activity reduces stress, because it lowers the levels of cortisol (see University of Chiba – Japan and University of Illinois – USA), reduces aggression and depression (see University of Kyoto – Japan) and supports memory and attention (see Michigan University – USA). Furthermore it stabilizes the pulse rate and blood pressure, lowers the glycemic level in the blood and helps to sleep better.”

Gallery – eco cabin

Gallery – The millstone

The educational farm portrays, together with rural tourism, by its own nature an interdisciplinary connection element with the organic farm.

To be involved in the activities of study and research in the laboratories, connecting nature, environment, art, history, food and wine, literature and sustainability. There are activities for children but mostly for adults as well.

The educational farm offers a point of view, a “haven”, a unique connection, a new and different way to get in touch with history, art, architecture but at the same time with nature and earth, element from which everything originates.

At Eco-cabin naturalistic-didactical strolls will be organized, along the buffer zones and woods with focused breaks in the meadows or clearings for detailed studies on the local flora and fauna and/or for observation experiences, naturalistic photographies and still-life drawing.

Practice of listening to the sounds of nature, of colors, of perfumes, visit to the vineyard, the grove and the hornbeam orchard.

The project of the landscape rebirth through soil settlement will be explained, as well as through the enrichment, the machinery, the rearing, the pruning, the harvesting of grapes, the aromatic herbs, the small fruits and flowers and their transformation into farm products: wine, preserves, and dried organic products.

Experiences of environmental consciousness will be available too, as well as reflections on nature and environment, on psychophysical wellness and personal growth related to dietary choices, life styles and health.

There will be speeches and specifical projects with the cooperation of specialists in various disciplines the have always cooperated with Habitat 3650.

The classes will have a common denominator that will be curiosity, the will to experiment and enjoy with seriousness and care.



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