THE MILLSTONE(the lodging in the woods)

The guests of Habitat 3650 “ECO CABIN” can immerse themselves in the green of nature, to enjoy the benefits for their health.

The Millstone, an old mill, now immersed in 2ha (20.000 square meters) of private wood in the venetian Pre-Alps, spurs of the Grappa range.

We are at about 800-mt height above sea level, between the municipalities of Belluno and Treviso, by the small town of Monfenerea, which offers a panoramic view of 360 degrees over the Feltrine peaks, but also on the Venetian plain, on Venice, on the Asolane and Prosecco hills (UNESCO heritage) and on the Piave river.

The view is certainly not the only suggestive element of this singular place, here you can walk in the “sheltered walkways” and “trenches” which show the events of the Great war. Right here under the peak, 1 minute from the residence, the trenches of Doc are located, and from there a path that leads to the Mandria peak starts, passing by the trenches of Castel Cesil and the Monte Palon.

With time, it has become an ideal place also for naturalistic strolls, field trips, trekking, nordic walking, cycle tourism, mountain bike, hang-gliding and paragliding.

“Guests can also practice Shirin-Yoku, which means “forest bathing”, an ancient japanese discipline to cultivate happiness and live longer. It has to do with “breathe in the atmosphere of the woods” to gain psychophysical benefits. Today it is an officially recognized method in Japan to prevent illnesses and to promote their cure. The Shirin-Yoku is, actually subsidized by the Japanese health care system. It has scientifically proven that this kind of activity reduces stress, because it lowers the levels of cortisol (see University of Chiba – Japan and University of Illinois – USA), reduces aggression and depression (see University of Kyoto – Japan) and supports memory and attention (see Michigan University – USA). Furthermore it stabilizes the pulse rate and blood pressure, lowers the glycemic level in the blood and helps to sleep better.”

Immersed in nature, far away from traffic but yet comfortable to reach all the main Venetian tourist locations.

Hospitality becomes a unique experience synergistic with the environment and biodiversity that can be found in a forest, paradoxically enriched by the contrast that offer the nearby hills of Prosecco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as Asolo, the wonders of Canova, Bassano del Grappa, Treviso, Padova, and the nearby historical city of Venice and the countless and charming cultural offers of our area, made however more and more chaotic and “neurotic” by the consumer use of modern tourism.

Be involved in visiting the hills of Prosecco, a UNESCO World Heritage SiteAsolo the wonders of Canova Bassano del Grappa, Treviso, Padova, the Brenta riviera with the Venetian Villas, the nearby Venice and many more, through new and different paths where the activities of study and research, the laboratories, connect nature, environment, art, history, food and wine, literature, sustainability and even beyond.

Discover the forests, our mountains, the history they preserve, the biodiversity they preserve, the energy they contain.

Discover new paths to feel an unique experience, complete, where the senses can be satisfied at 360 degrees. Where the word “taste” canbe associated with food, art, architecture, history, environment, butalso the taste of doing things right in a sustainable, curious, and yet fun way.

This is all you can incredibly find, rediscover in our location, in this unique place where The Millstone can be found.

Grappa massif, Piave Great Dane, grave top: no smog, no traffic, no stress
the night: from above in the distance you can see venice
dawn and sunset define the horizon
45°53’25.9” N 11°54’15.0”E
2017_ private forest (20,000 sqm), birch trees, chestnut trees
IMG_6976 (1)
IMG_2463 copia
the massif of grappa
mountain bike, corsa, nordic walking


Via Olmo, 7
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REA: VE – 367706

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