HABITAT 3650_ mulching and conversion to organic

October 2013 begins mulching and preparation for laying the first 3,650 plants.

The plants will be at most 3 years old, and are partly part of a European measure that allows us to follow up the first cultural action of HABITAT 3650: planting trees and shrubs.

The 3,650 plants will be raised without waste of water, are not expected irrigation systems, and without the use of fertilizers or fertilizers. For this reason it is essential to avail of the advice of forestry specialists who know and have already carried out similar projects, lowland forests.

Fundamental was the help provided by agronomic and forestry consultants, both for the laying of plants, and for the great experience shared on the techniques ofconversion of the soil to organic, with , green manure and organic regeneration.

Agricultural activities began as early as 2012, parallel to those of research and study, reaching the drafting of a first business plan resulting from the experience of the various professionals involved in different disciplines: two agronomists, a geologist, a forestry, az. Organic farming, trade associations, an engineer, a lawyer, an accountant, etc… At the same time, the entire area was hydraulically reset, creating new perimeter ditches, drainage, a new level of the ground that would allow the same to maintain a correct hydraulic attitude, functional to the subsequent planting of the 3,650 native tree species, less than 3 years old, planted in three different “groves” of about 3,500 square meters and a perimeter buffer band of about 1,000 ml. The soil has been progressively enriched with organic substance through the technique of “bulature” and “sovesci”, and of the sowing on hard and prepared for the subsequent change of production in favor of the biological one.

2012 study and consultancy for the conversion to Biological
the experience of specialists
organic regeneration of soils
October 2013 the beginning of laying pacifis sheets: they will guarantee humidity and microclimate in the absence of irrigation
the pacifist sheets along the strip buffer_ 1 km (1,000 ml)
the pacifist cloths for the three groves
the smallest grove 800 sqm
the medium grove 1200 sqm
the large grove of 2000 sqm
1 km

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