“Landscape doesn’t have a language and light doesn’t have grammar, but millions of books try to describe them.”

(Robert Macfarlane)

A few minutes away from the heart of Venice, immersed in nature, far away from traffic.

Guests of Habitat 3650 “ECO CABIN” will be able to dive in the green of nature, to enjoy the benefits for their health.

Far from traffic, but about 20 minutes from the heart of Venice. Only 19 km from the inner city, in an area of 60000 square meters between the cities of Venice and Martellago.

Hospitality becomes an unique experience, synergical with the habitat and biodiversity which is developing in Habitat 3650, paradoxically enriched by the contrast offered by the heartbeat-away historical city of Venice and the countless and charming cultural offers of our area, made however more and more chaotic and “neurotic” by the consumer use of modern tourism.

The guests of Habitat 3650 can easily visit in the same day the historical center of Venice because the structure is only 20 minutes apart from the historical city of Venice and cultural locations as Treviso and Padova, the Riviera Villas of Palladio, Canova, Bassano del Grappa etc…, but at the same time relax in the stillness of countryside and nature.

The Eco Cabin accommodations are located in a passive building with zero emissions, completely built in larch and spruce wood, which symbolizes the company’s philosophy itself.

The structure has been realized in 2015, it is surrounded by a plot of farming land of six ha (60.000 square meters) near a grove of 2000 square meters. It follows the principles of bio-architecture and biophilia. The shape and positioning of the spaces are thought for the maximal exploitation of sun energy and to offer a panoramic view of 180 degrees on the surrounding countryside.

The amber-scented perfumes of wood and the warmth of the atmosphere, a good infusion of lemon balm or mint, will help you to abandon stress and find wellness and harmony again. A naturalistic stroll or a moment of relax inside them, getting in tune with aromas, sounds and colors, will donate psychophysical benefits making out guests end up again with good mood and most importantly with new energies.

The building has been intentionally placed in an isolated position, immersed in an agricultural fund of 6 ha (60.000 mq). While you are immersed in nature, agriculture and tranquility, you still are very close to the city.

The fund is surrounded by a trench, closed on the access side by gates for cars and for pedestrians, automated and illuminated.

The building can be reached by car and by foot travelling along a driveway of about 300 meters inside the property, and is provided with two parking zones, one inside the farm and one close to the building.

The area outside the accommodations is equipped as shown on the planimetry inside the lodging and in the service charter.

For more indications, please look at the service charter and the guidelines attached here and inside the lodging.

The two separated lodgings, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor, are born from the transformation of a wooden manufact, completely built in larch and spruce wood, born to represent with its “concept” the philosophy and the project of the organic agricultural farm.

The entirely wooden manufactis a passive building with zero emissions. The materials used for its realization satisfy the environmental respect standards of distances from the production zone. It has equipped with a solar power plant which exchanges energy on site, optimizing therefore costs and use of energy. The heating and cooling systems are realized with a heat pump. The rainwaters are channeled and recycled for agricultural use.

The building is composed by two lodgings, one on the ground floor with 4+1 beds and one on the first floor with 4+1 beds. Being a single artifact isolated in nature, it has been decided that the two lodgings can never be used simultaneously, unless a guest occupies the whole building.

So either the ground floor accommodation or the first floor accommodation will be used. This is to give maximal privacy and tranquility during the stay.

The lodging on the ground floor (4+1 beds), is made of a unique big space of 46 square meters which opens itself to the countryside on three directions, with big glass windows, and some service spaces for the bathroom on the north side of the building, besides an ample outfitted pergola located south-east of the building where you can eat and stay outside.

It is equipped with an inox kitchen top of 3.30 meters with an induction hob with two emplacements adjustable in temperature, time and intensity, extractor fan integrated in the hob, integrated sink with two basins and faucet with extractable mixer. Electrical-microwave oven and fridge with freezer Coffee machine, teapot and infusions. The lodging is fully furnished and supplied with dishes, glasses, cookware and everything needed for the preparation and consumption of meals. For more details look at the equipment, furniture and supply list attached to the service charter and the guidelines.

The main restaurants are easily reached by car, from the most renown and starred ones to the ones typical of our area, which between land and sea offer the best of our culinary traditions. Many are the cooperations that we can suggest to our guests.

The lodging on the first floor (4+1 beds), can be reached through a free-standing stair, eventually intercommunicating with the ground floor lodging in case of a complete use of the building. The lodging on the first floor is made of three rooms. A first room, which can also be used as a living room, with 2+1 beds, a second panoramic room with two beds, and an ample bathroom. The views of this lodging are abundant and open themselves to the countryside on three sides, with big glass windows.

The lodging is equipped with a wet bar, with a coffee machine, teapot and infusions. The lodging is fully furnished and equipped. For more details look at the equipment, furniture and supply list attached to the service charter and the guidelines.


Both lodgings are equipped with video intercom, controlled remote opening of the gates and darkening curtains, sound installation with wired broadcasting, internet connection, bathroom with two sinks, WC, shower cabin with massaging water jets, colour therapy and steam bath.

Breakfast can be included in the hospitality, and can be provided to the guests or served by the lodging, both on the first floor in the panoramic room or outside in the garden.

The cleaning services will take place every day on preset times from 10 am to 12 am, or otherwise according to availability and agreement with the guests.

The lodging will be provided with bed sheets, bath towels, and Bio products for the bathroom and the kitchen.

For a more ample and exhaustive notices about outfits and guidelines of ECO CABIN please refer to the service charter attached later on and inside the lodgings.


habitat 3650_ 45°30'28,5'' NORD 12°10'52.1'' est
eco cabin
60.000 mq


Via Olmo, 7
P.iva 03364550271
REA: VE – 367706

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